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Will Johnny Depp Return as Jack Sparrow?

"The problem is not the problem "

“Pirate” fans have been on a mission to have leading star Johnny Depp reimbursed as the famous Captain Jack Sparrow after being fired from the role due to conflicts with his ex-wife Amber Heard, who was also recently fired from “Aquaman 2”.

They created a petition to gain 500,000 signatures in hopes of having Depp reprise the role, but the signatures kept coming in and now the goal has been extended to one million signatures.

Could it make it? It’s highly possible with many fans continuing to show their support for Depp.

I mean, he is the one who brought the character of Jack Sparrow to life and made the whole swashbuckling thing popular again.

Before Sparrow people only knew of pirates like Long John Silver, Blackbeard, and Captain Hook and though each left their mark they did not make as much of an impact as Sparrow.

Sparrow gave us a pirate character where we not only recognized him from his drunken state and his iconic appearance, but one fans could look up to as he was portrayed as a protagonist where many other famous ones were antagonists.

Now after the last Pirates film “Dead Men Tell No Tales” it seemed as if the series was over for how poorly it was handled among critics. Buts fans were anxious to see the sixth installment to the series after the post-credit scene hinted at the fifth film being the first part to a finale to the series.

That was the original plan, but after Disney decided to fire Depp, they instead thought it would be best to just reboot the entire series with the lead being a female protagonist, which is rumored to be played by Margot Robbie.

So, it seems interesting to now have a female lead pirate, but the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films need Depp and without him, the series has no meaning. He is the one fans came to see when the films were out and if he is not in the picture then the fans will take no part in the series anymore.

Even with the petition in progress, it’s really up to Disney if they will rehire Depp or just stick with their new plan to reboot the series.

I mean, petitions don’t mean anything to the major company especially film studios that only care about their images and money of course.

However, that does not mean fans cannot push for their voices to be heard. They have every right to express their feelings on decisions being made and this decision is a crucial one because this is a time when Disney needs to be making the best decisions possible.

They do have much ground to make up for after what 2020 brought and bringing Depp back to help finish up the series could be one of the many things they need to get on the right path.


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