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"Retire City" | Weekly Finisher 3

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Your weekly dose of all things wrestling!

Roger AKA Beefy Supreme and Ace Styles bring you the third episode of The Weekly Finisher! The Undertaker is set to make another appearance this Sunday, but do we still care? Raw and Smackdown continue to deliver good matchups, but how many matches between two wrestlers is enough? And does AEW need to think bigger? We discuss all of these topics as well as a special shout out to a new friend of the show - hint - it's a baby! Plus, our question of the week - What is your favorite Undertaker match? #WeeklyFinisher

Follow our hosts on Twitter at: @Roger_Corral and @StylesAce

Creator/Executive Producer: Lesley C Executive Producer/Host: Ace Styles Director of Talent Relations/Host: Roger aka Beef Supreme

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