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We all deserve to fry!

Potatoes from hell is that game you need to try out for yourself!

I have to be honest, sometimes writing full reviews can be daunting. Don't misunderstand, I love what I do, but sometimes the "work" mentality can be taxing. Luckily with the position, I'm in, I can deviate from the norm and convey admiration. And that is what this article is about, well that and the potatoes of the damned.

Holy Potato, What the Hell? Which is the name of the title, by the way, starts you off as a human spud. You have recently died and gone to Hell like the naughty veggie that you are with no memory of your mortal life. But it turns out Hell is what you make it because as a cook in life, you will perform those tasks in the underworld.

You are met by the restaurant manager, who explains that it is your job to sort out and cook the newly acquired sinners to serve them to the Gods. Right away, this title won my heart with this plot and the fun use of wordplay. After an explanation of the situation, me and Sweeney Tots set out to bring the kitchen heat.

The gameplay is unique; you have four machines you can use to cook sinners. Each machine is associated with a certain sin, and all sinners have stats for each sin. You match the highest sin with the corresponding cooker. You can technically put any sinner into any pot, but there are penalties. From there, you have the ingredients to make meals for the Gods.

I have only met Loki so far, but he has been impressed with every meal I have made. I also have two other chefs who assist as well as a pig bat named Swineflew and me. Swineflew helps by going to the mortal world and grabbing cash for you to use items. You stay in a level of Hell until you can prove your cooking skills, then they move you to another circle. And the sinners, oh man, the sinners…

The sinners that you might are an interesting lot. I have met people who committed adultery with their secretary, people who were rude to siblings, a person who kicked a lion, and one who yelled at an ostrich. I do have an issue with the game that you can easily lose the cursor and might make a mistake, but so far, it doesn't seem to be too much of a variable.

All in all, this is a fun title. I only got to play a couple of hours due to other obligations, but this is a fun and affordable title. And if the potatoes from Hell aren’t enough for you, this title is actually one of a trilogy you can find on just about any console.


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