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War of the Worms

Updated: May 28, 2021

How fun can a battle royal worms be???

Team 17 has been developing the Worms series for roughly 26 years, which is staggering when this is a title that many would consider a cult classic. Worms first started as a 2d tactics game for the Amiga but soon found its way onto Playstation, Windows, Xbox, and Nintendo, just to name a few. Today, I will be discussing the latest release from the series, Worms Rumble. I was a little hesitant about purchasing this title. The screenshots' looks seem to be more like an online free for than the tactical turn-based style they mastered. The main menu feels very similar to a Fortnite-style battle royale. You have your daily quests, ads for DLC, the option to customize your worm or items, and so on. There are five modes in this title, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Squad Standing, Last Worm Standing, and Training. I select Deathmatch and join the queue, tending to my nursery in Plant Tycoon while we wait with bated breath.

The first match I joined was a slow affair. I wandered aimlessly collecting items. You can hold up to two guns, one type of grenade, a health pack, and a unique item. Your health regenerates on its own if you can flee from combat, and the new rolling feature makes that much easier. And while I did appreciate the design behind the gameplay, I felt the map was way too large to move about without running into another player, so I check the roster. It turns out that there were only 8 of us playing this round, but the lobby has the potential to house up to 32. The large map made much more sense now, but I was worried that Worms Rumble may be one of those titles that were fun in theory, but a lack of online presence doomed it to failure. That was, of course, until the second round.

The second round had a massive increase in players, between 25 and 30. As soon as the match started, I found myself in a firefight with two other combatants. I ran out of there and had to hide to catch my breath, sort of speak. There was no way this was the same title, but that large map I was annoyed with seemed much smaller now. I picked my spots and dove into battle to gather as many kills as possible. Of course, with all the crazy weapons Team 17 has created over the years, chaos was inevitable. I did much better this round but was nowhere near a podium finish.

The third round placed me with 17 other players. I am curious as to how long the server waits before starting a game. I was a little upset to see that I was playing in the same area as I have not only in the last two matches but the last time I played this title, which would have been around New Year's Day. They claim that there is a second one, but I have yet to see it. I find it somewhat offensive that this title costs money, but with the price of servers, I suppose it is a necessary evil of sorts. There is quite a bit to unlock, and all the DLC is nothing more than exclusive skins.

My final verdict, did I have fun? Yes. Is it worth the $15 retail price? That honestly depends on your love of both Worms and Battle Royale games. But I would be remised if I didn’t state that there are similar games for free on the market and could even provide things where Worms Rumble dropped the ball. But buyer beware, if the servers get shut down, there will be no more Worms Rumble.


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