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WandaVision: We Interrupt This Program Review

A Dark Truth is unveiled brand in the brnd NEW Episode of WandaVision that changes the entire outlook of the show!

Spoilers: "Tuning the Channel"

In the latest episode of the MCU Disney+ show, WandaVision does not let up. Episode four We Interrupt This Program is jam-packed with loads of information. So come along with me, true believers, as I breakdown this incredible episode!

The fourth episode takes place in the actual MCU reality and not the sitcom one that Wanda and Vision are in. We are shown how Monica Rambeau entered into the sitcom world and what S.W.O.R.D. was doing while she was there. Many of the mysterious things that accord during the previous episodes are explained in this episode, like who was watching, where the toy airplane came from, who was that person on the radio, and how he contacted Wanda. The returns of F.B.I. agent Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis also happen in this episode. Even though I had heard Darcy was going to be in this series, I still poped so hard when she is first seen in this episode. She is one of those early phase characters that we haven't seen in quite a while, and it was like seeing a lost friend for the first time in forever. Woo was also fun to see in an all-new environment, and I cant wait to see where his journey goes in the MCU because he is a character that is obviously growing into a more prominent role than the side act he was in Ant-Man moving forward. Alright, now let's really go in deep and dissect everything we learned in this episode.

The episode starts with Monica reappearing after the blimp in a hospital. We learn that Monica was one of the victims snapped away in Infinity War and, more sadly, we, along with Monica, discovered her mother died of cancer during the gap between Infinity War and Endgame. Unlike most blimped, Monica seems to bounce back relatively quickly as we see her going back to work at S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters. This fact showcases that S.W.O.R.D. has been around, and we later learn Monica's mother is the founder of the organization as it is said she built it from the ground up. Rambeau's first mission back is a missing person's case that directly leads into the sitcom world problem. Woo is the F.B.I. agent leading the case, and he and Rambeau meet outside of the town of Westview. A couple of local cops tell them the town doesn't exist, leading the agents to believe this is more than just a missing person's case.

Neither feels they should enter the town, so Monica sends in a drone instead, which is later revealed as the toy airplane. This helps them discover the barrier in front of the town to which Captian Rambeau then enters into. As seen in the last episode, S.W.O.R.D. Sets up camp outside Westview to try to rescue Monica and better understand what is going on there. An assortment of different types of scientists, including Darcy, is brought in to help though she seems to be the only of the group to help in any way in this episode. Darcy discovers the sitcoms' frequency revealing she is watching the show on the tv we have seen. She tells agent Woo she has gotten invested in the sitcom(we are all with you, Darcy). The clever doctor also came up with the idea of having Woo try to contact Wanda through a radio. However, they don't believe their attempt reached the Avenger as the interference isn't seen on the T.V.

A similar occurrence happens when Wanda and Monica have their altercation. Of course, they come to learn Monica was returned to their reality as they shoot to a scene with her on the ground muttering, "It's all Wanda!" For the first time in the episode, we enter Westview as we see the full scene of Wanda throwing Rambeau out of her world with brutal force. After this moment, we see Wanda attempting to catch herself as she seems taken back by what she had just done. When Vision enters the house, Wanda momentarily sees him in his lifeless form with the massive hole in his face where Thanos took the stone. Vision then tells his wife they can go anywhere to where Wanda replies, "No. This is our home now." This episode was so good and filled with so many great moments, and for that reason, I rate it 9/10 stars.


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