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WandaVision Season Finale Review

The Epic finale is here and boy did it leave us emotional!

If you haven't been watching Marvel Studios' first cinematic television series on Disney+, then just what have you been doing? Innovative and delightful, WandaVision has done a beautiful job of setting the pace for the new era of the MCU, setting up future movies and other tv shows in the universe. In the conclusion, many ongoing questions were answered, and so much potential was established.

As always Spoilers ahead...

First off, there are two after-credits scenes in this final episode, and they are both equally important moving forward. I'll come back to those scenes later, but let's break the finale down from beginning to end first. Filled with impressive epic battles, this episode is the most action-packed of the series, which is what most expected from the finale. Most of the fighting takes place between Wanda and Agatha and the two Visions though Monica, Faitro, the twins, and S.W.O.R.D throw their hats in the action as well. The battle between the witches

goes all throughout Westview. Much of the magic battle goes on like that as Harkness's wisdom of sorcery and her ability to take others' magic proves challenging to combat. The battling also gives insight as Agatha spews knowledge of magic from The Darkhold Book. She even reveals there is a whole page dedicated to The Scarlet Witch saying its abilities surpass that of The Sorcerer Supreme( unfortunately, only reference of Doctor Strange). Before getting to the witch battle conclusion, I first touched on the fight between the Vision's. Hayward's Vision makes his way into Westview to Wanda's confusion, and he attempts to squash her head, but Wanda's Vision stops him, and an epic fight sequence begins. This fight is the first in the MCU to utilize the full instant of Vision's capabilities, and it is so cool. Phasing through each other, flying every which way, and beaming at full power.

Back to the witches, a turning point should be mentioned when Harkness undoes the Westview citizen's enchantment. Having Wanda question herself as she hears the pain and suffering she has put all the innocent people through so that she could be happy. As a result, Wanda starts to open up the hex to let them all out, but in doing so, Vision and their children begin to get destroyed, so Wanda stops. However, while the hex was momentarily open, Hayward and a brigade of S.W.O.R.D soldiers enter. This moment splits the family up, having Wanda go back to Agatha Vison, continuing his battle with the other Vision and the kids holding the S.W.O.R.D troops. Wanda tries to use Agatha's memory we saw prior only for Harkness to turn it on her. The Visions' fight intensifies; however, the battle ends as Wanda's Vision reaches the intellect of Hayward's, making it realize it is being controlled. The last we see of the wight vision is his eyes turning more humanized like they usually have been, and then he flies away, leaving a return open for future MCU projects.

Billy and Tommy get help from Monica after she is finally able to escape Fake Pietro, who she discovers as the aforementioned Ralph (Ralph Boner to be precise), an aspiring actor whose house Harkness took over. Monica and Billy had a tender moment when they applauded each other's powers after they each stop bullets shot by Hayward. Darcy also makes a brief appearance in the finale at this moment as she prevents the S.W.O.R.D Director from fleeing as she rams into his v

ehicle with her own. Now to the conclusion to the war of witches. Wanda gives everything she got to Harkness, making the evil Salem witch believe she has drained all of Wanda's chaos magic. It is revealed Wanda had been taking notes from the blabbermouth sorceress as she placed runes on the walls of the hex identical to the ones in Agatha's house. This provides us with the full transformation of Wanda Maximoff into The Scarlet Witch.

Wanda then reduces Agatha back to the persona of Agnes, the nosey neighbor, saying if she ever needs her help, she knows where to find her. Next, a sad moment takes place as Wanda says goodbye to her family before wiping the hex out of Westview, also revealing that her Vision was the remnants of the mind stone in her being her sadness, her hope, and her love. She is then met with disapproving stares from the Westview residents and thanks Monica before leaving, stating she must go figure out how to understand her powers of being The Scarlet Witch.

Now onto the after-credits scenes. The first one is Monica, who is with agent Woo witnessing Hayward being arrested by officers Woo called during the episode. Side note after seeing everything Hayward was able to do in this series, I do not believe for one second that that vile manipulative man will stay in prison long. A woman asks Monica to follow her into the theater and then reveals herself as a Skrull and says an old friend of her Mom wants to talk to her in space, either meaning Talos or Fury. No matter which she meant, that sets up Monica to be seen in Secret Invasion and also links that officially to Captian Marvel 2 since we already know Monica will be in that.

The second scene shows Wanda in a cabin in an undisclosed location. We see Wanda looking through The Darkhold Book vigorously, but then she hears what sounds like Billy and Tommy shouting for help. As I keep mentioning in my reviews, The Scarlet Witch will be a part of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and hopefully, all of this aftermath and the absence of the Sorcerer Supreme will be explained and explored.

Though the finale did not give me everything I wanted, such as an Appearance by Doctor Strange and the death of Hayward, and still ended the tremendous series on a good note and set a high standard for the rest of the MCU based Disney+ series coming. I rate the episode 9/10 and the overall series 10/10.


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