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WandaVision: Now in Color Review

Our very own LJE breaks down the brand NEW episode of Wandavision (IN COLOR)


The regular weekly episodes of WandaVision began this week after the two-episode premiere, and boy, what an episode! This show's progression so far is excellent. Each episode only seems to get better, with episode three Now in Color as my favorite amongst the three. Kicking off with a killer 70s nostalgic theme song, it instantly puts you in the mood to get ready to laugh throughout. Though full of laughs, this episode definitely became more serious as we finally began to get a clue on what exactly is going on.

Wanda's unexpected pregnancy that occurred at the end of episode two quickened the pace in this episode. The soon to be Momma's belly grows rapidly, with her powers also going haywire at random moments. Both Avengers display their abilities more in this episode than in the previous ones. Vision even superspeeds the Dr. to Wanda when Wanda goes into labor. Monica Rambeau is there to help deliver the babies, however, and her presence in the house causes a stir among the neighborhood and ultimately gets her thrown out of the Fantasy sitcom world.

As Vision is seeing the Dr. out, he notices Agnes and Herb whispering. He approaches them out of curiosity as he had displayed his speculation of the strange world early on in the episode when he witnesses Herb sawing into a wall. Agnes and Herb tell Vision of their concerns of Monica and almost spill the beans of reality but instead dismiss it. Meanwhile, inside, things get heated between Monica and Wanda as Scarlet Witch mentions her twin brother, to which Monica asks if Ultron killed him. This infuriates Wanda, who then notices that Monica is wearing a necklace with the S.W.O.R.D symbol, making matters worse. Monica is later seen thrown out of a mystical looking wall into the modern world where S.W.O.R.D personal presumably swarms towards the fallen woman. This episode makes it seem like the Captain Marvel character is now an agent of the intergalactic organization. It is also safe to presume that the House of M story's rumored influence is accurate, as it seems evident now that Wanda is behind the altered reality.

This latest episode made it abundantly clear that Wanda is influencing everything within her new reality. We first see this at the end of episode one when the beekeeper appears, and she utters no, then he's gone. She displays the same behavior in this episode when she restarts a conversation she was having with Vision when discussing his suspicion of the world. She simply blinks, and Vision only says what she would want to hear. Wanda obviously wants to be left alone in the new reality she created and wants no aspects of the real world to interfere as it seems Vision fragment or not is impressible. I can not wait till next week where more answers to the countless questions will hopefully be answered.

I rate this episode 9/10 stars!


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