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WandaVision: First Impression

The Twilight Zone + Bewitched + I Love Lucy creates WandaVision of the MCU!

A parody of black & white coloring with a 4:3 ratio throwback to a bygone time and a laugh track in this reality-bending, twilight zone, Wandaision. This breathtaking new series is the start of the connection to the Doctor Strange sequel movie that we are eagerly awaiting the secrets on how this will connect to set film and the rest of the MCU. At this point, we’re not sure where Wanda is at or how she got there but we do know that her reality warping powers that are very prominent in the comics are now making their appearance in the MCU.

The first two episodes have a very Bewitched/I Love Lucy series feel to it minus having a mortal husband like Darrell we have an odd couple that is trying to live a normal life in a suburban neighborhood. Paul Bettany’s Vision as we know was destroyed by Thanos during Avengers: Infinity War when he got the Mind stone ripped out of him but it was nice to see him back but in a more comedic role and pulls off spectacularly especially in the second episode with his insides all gummed up. Debra Jo Rupp from That 70s Show also makes an appearance in the first episodes as Mrs. Hart and it felt like she was meant to play this role as I do enjoy the spunky energy she brings to the scene.

‘Wanda? Who’s doing this to you Wanda? Wanda?’

Now, this is where I still wish that the first two episodes delivered a little more on where she and why is she there. Towards the end of the first episode, it shows that someone in SWORD is monitoring her while taking notes and towards the end of the second episode we have Wanda and Vision encounter a beekeeper crawling out of a sewer in the middle of the night. Very creepy and very Twilight Zone vibes going on. I must confess I was somewhat more intrigued at the end of the first episode and it made me speculate that maybe the same people that took Loki also have something to do with Wanda on where she is currently at. But what does SWORD have to do with it? This is just speculation of mine and we just have to take each episode bit by bit as we try to dissect what is going on with Wanda and will she get out of this? But we will find out.


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