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WandaVision Episode 7: Breaking The Fourth Wall Review

A not so surprising twist falls flat but the storyline mysteries are about to unravel!

*Spoilers Ahead*

It's Friday, and you know what that means!

The continuing of the spectacular MCU Disney+ series WandaVision. Before I start my review, I will say two things first. Unlike the previous episodes, this one does have a scene after the credits, so stay tuned. Second This episode was my least favorite in the series so far. In my opinion, the episode starts slow. However, towards the end, it does quicken in pace. Anyways let's get to reviewing.

We are only two episodes away from the finale now. Certain things in the series are coming to their conclusions before the end finally comes. Two important things that finally happened were that Monica Rambeau gained her powers, and Agnes was revealed as Agatha Harkness. Two fan theories of the show are now turning out to be true. However, not all fan theories were as lucky as this episode also disproved the many theories surrounding Monica's mysterious friend. Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom, and Hank McKoy were the top choices amongst fans, but the character ended up being Major Goodner, who seems to have no comic book incarnations. I'm sure many fans were let down, but the Agatha Harkness reveals most likely balanced them out.

From the very first episode, many suspected Kathryn Hahn's Agnes to really be the sorceress Agatha Harkness. They most likely hadn't prepared for the hilarious montage that revealed her as one of the show's villains. This moment was by far my favorite in the episode, and it really turned me back around on this episode. Paired with a humorous song titled Agatha All Along, we see everything the evil witch did throughout the show. Such things Agatha was behind were causing Herb to cut through the wall with the hedge clippers, Pietro, manipulating Vision to try to leave, and killing Sparky the dog!

However, it still is not fully clear what Agatha's agenda is. She clearly wants to keep Wanda in Westview. This is made even more apparent when Monica, with her new powers, seemed to be on the edge of breaking through to Wanda Agatha got involved. And in the after-credit scene, when Monica was close to entering Agatha's house, a different-looking Pietro stops her. The other villain that I now believe might be working with Agatha Tyler Hayward's attention was discovered as he wanted to weaponize Vision.

Meanwhile, Vision and Darcy try to make their way to Vision and Wanda's house but keep getting unexpectantly stoped by what Vision presumes to be Wanda, but with the new knowledge of Agnes, we can assume it was her. I can not wait for the next episode as I expect it to answer what is going on and why finally. However, as I said, this episode was my least favorite out of all the episodes, but it was still great, so I rate it 7/10 stars.


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