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WandaVision Episode 5 Review

"On A Very Special Episode..." creates a Mind-Blowing episode that leaves a ripple of effect for the future episodes and the MCU as a whole!

Friday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week as for four weeks now, we have gotten great television from Disney+ with WandaVision. This week's episode titled, On a Very Special Episode... is the first episode with a huge surprise, so as per usual,


Spoilers Ahead:

This episode truly was special not only because of the shocking ending(keep reading for more on that) but because we get more information as the two developing stories of inside Westview(or The Hex as Darcy refers to it) and outside Westview overlapped. On the S.W.O.R.D side of things, we learn how Wanda stole Vision's corpse. We also learn that head of S.W.O.R.D Tyler Hayward is kind of a colossal jerk on more than one occasion. Inside of the hex, things begin to get weird as not only are Vision's suspicions heightened but the twins Billy and Tommy keep aging up being ten-year-olds by the end of the episode. Kathryn Hahn's Agnes also went from trying to hide the reality of things from Vision a couple of episodes back to not caring at all.

Vision turns Agnes away when she offers to help with the babies, and she turns to Wanda and bluntly asks if she would like to take it from the top. The comment throughs both Wanda and Vision. The instance is only the start of Vision questioning things as at his job, he receives an email from Darcy asking about the Maximoff Anomaly. He then relieves Norm's mind of Wanda's control and briefly speaks to the real Norm. Loss and mourning continue to be the overarching theme of the series as Billy and Tommy's dog dies and Pietro is brought up again.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Monica, Darcy, and Woo hack up a plan to try to communicate with Wanda again. The plan takes a turn when Hayward takes over and orders an attack on The Avenger. This brings the first appearance of normal Wanda in the normal MCU world as she confronts S.W.O.R.D. Monica tries to reason with Wanda, but the witch isn't having it as she warns them not to mess with her home and enters back into Westview, possibly changing the barrier on her way. To end the episode, Wanda and Vision get in a heated argument about Westview after Vision fully reveals he has an understanding of what's really going on.

Wanda continuously tries to end the conversation by ending the show or just straight up brushing it all off, saying she doesn't know what Vision is talking about to no avail. The doorbell rings and the humanoid android believes it is just his wife attempting to conveniently end the conversation still. Wanda says it isn't her and goes to answer, revealing the most shocking event in all of the MCU. Opening the door, we see Wanda's brother's familiar black and silver hair, but just as we expect to see actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson who played the character in Age of Ultron, Evan Peters, who played Fox's version of the character in their X-Men movies is shown. The only recognization of the change comes from Darcy, who is watching as she says Wanda recast her brother, and that is where the episode ends.

That epic moment alone makes this entire already spectacular episode even more incredible as it merges the two previously unshared universes beautifully. Though I would have loved to see Aaron Taylor reprise his role as I always felt he deserved more time with the character. However, I love that Peters gets to play his X-Men character in a whole new universe as it seems he is fully playing the same character as he was over at Fox. This moment sets up so many possibilities, and I am so excited to see where this all goes. There is no way I can't give this episode a ten-star rating!


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