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ThunderCats Roar No More!!

So comes to a close of an animated series that could have been a masterpiece of greatness or even won an Emmy (in another dimension with tolerance for poor taste.)

ThunderCats Roar has been canceled and rightfully so. Although the show itself hasn’t officially been acknowledged as a cancellation it’s safe to assume from the recent tweet from the show’s animation writer and producer, Marly Halpern-Graser gave us plenty enough to go on:

The Backlash

The show did not receive a positive reception from the beginning when they first appeared in a Teen Titans Go episode where the 1985 Lion-O appeared to the Teen Titans and the “reboot” Thundercats making toiletry remarks towards old fans and the past Thundercats incarnations. Not a great idea on their end if they wanted a new fan base. Since its announcement it had received critical remarks on how it’s an insult to the 1980s show, the brief run of the 2011 reboot, and an insult to the late voice actor of Panthro, Earl Hyman.

Honestly, who was this show meant for? Clearly not my generation obviously, nor the next generation or their children because kids are not dumb. On that note, you also insulted the fan base of Thundercats who would have ushered in the next generation to the series so the creators of the show really, utterly, and incredibly screwed themselves to a level I didn’t even know was possible. The show was a mean-spirited, poorly written, and drawn reboot of the Thundercats and I am more than happy that we as fans have brought this toiletry down and flushed it. I hope other corporations are watching how much power we as an audience actually have.


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