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The Final Season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Review of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

December 31st saw the final episodes of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina air onto the streaming service. Earlier in the year, it was announced that season 4 would be the end of Sabrina's adventures on Netflix. Being a fan of the series, I was sad to see the show come to an end but was pleased with how it did.

The show set in the Riverdale universe began in 2018 and gave the teenage witch a darker tone than its 1996 predecessor. Being just as dark and edgy as The CW's Riverdale, Chilling Adventure's quickly grew a following. However, as I'm sure, many remember the show's quick success did not come without controversy as many concerned parents lashed out about the Santantic representation in the show. Witchcraft and Satanic teachings are a massive part of the series and are dealt with very realistically, taking inspiration from actual satanic rituals. Fortunately, the early backlash for the show did not render its proceedings on Netflix as thirty-six episodes were made for the four-part series before it came to its end.

The show was announced to be coming to its end alongside other Netflix Original shows such as A Typical and The Big Show Show, among others. The final episodes made for a tremendous binge-watch as they not only gave a natural ending for the series but also cleverly paid homage to the original Sabrina show. This is where I say * Spoiler*. Readers who have not watched the new episodes have been safe up until this point. Now to those who haven't watched yet, I encourage you to, now go on before I give a few spoilers.


I won't go into many major spoilers, but I will describe my favorite episode, which is the callback episode to the 90's series and perhaps the best episode of this series. Chapter Thirty -Five: The Endless, which is episode seven, finds Sabrina Morningstar in an alternate universe. In this universe, everyone lives on a T.V set, Salem is a poorly designed puppet who can talk, and Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick play Hilda and Zelda. These changes are, of course, reminiscent of the Melissa Joan Hart show. More callbacks occur as the original show's scenarios are played out as the characters' episodes in the alternate universes fictional show. Of course, our heroine finds out that demons that turn out to be Caroline and Beth are behind the whole thing, and she must escape before they let The Void destroy the universe and everyone in it. Before disaster hits, though, we see the two sets of Aunties interact as Sabrina's actual aunt Zelda and Hilda stand-ins for Beth and Caroline.

I will miss this series on Netflix and hope it gets a revival sooner or later, but if it doesn't, I feel good about the final season and how it ended. Overall I give the entire series a 6/10 and I give the final season an 8/10.


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