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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Power Broker Review

As the storylines continue the action heats up!!

Another Friday has come meaning more action has hit Disney+ with a brand new episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. This third episode is titled "Power Broker" as the quick-paced action continues. Zemo and Sharon Carter make their MCU returns joining Bucky and Sam in their mission to find out more about the flag smashes and the super-soldier serum.

This episode changed the tone of the two returning characters of Sharon and Zemo. Sharon has been hiding from the U.S. government since her actions in Captain America: Civil War, where she helped Steve, Sam, and Bucky. Her view on the government has drastically changed as she seems not to believe in it or heroes any longer having a more skeptical cold demeanor. She still helps the show's namesakes with the promise that Sam will clear her name so she can come back home. Zemo is all too eager to help and most likely has ulterior motives. We get to see more of who Zemo is than what we got in Civil War. His involvement makes me so excited for the character's future, and we've only just begun on his journey in this series as he is still with Sam and Bucky by the end of the episode, unlike Sharon. We learn of Zemo's Barron-hood, and we see him fully suited up as comic accurate Barron Zemo, purple ski mask and all.

The villain actually proves himself as a valuable asset to the heroes and makes me believe with all the Thunderbolts rumors circling around out there that that is where his story arc is headed. This episode alone opens the door wide open for that scenario as the government is aware of his involvement. Other than shooting the Dr. behind the super-serum and then running away after, he took direction pretty well and was mostly able to do it covertly. His money would also come in handy for a Thunderbolts team. Other notable things that happened in this episode are #1 Jhon Walker seems to be losing his cool progressively lining him up with his comic lore. #2 Wakanda wants Zemo and is currently following him Sam and Bucky. #3 there is a powerful figure looming referred to several times in this episode as The Power Broker.

The mysterious figure apparently was funding the new super-serum before the flag smashers stole it. Every shady person seems to know about him. It seems inevitable that he will reveal himself soon as not only is he angry with the flag smashers, but now he'll likely be mad at our heroes after they killed the Doctor. I have my suspicions that Sharon might be involved with the Power Broker or, if not that, she's up to something shady that she wasn't lading onto Sam and Bucky. All in all, this episode was fun and exciting and definitely leading to some great things 9/10.


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