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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: New World Order Review

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

An Action-Packed story-driven pilot creates episode ceates a great promise for the future

The second series of the Disney+ MCU show's finally kicked off with the first episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier up to stream. Unfortunately, unlike the premier of WandaVision, only one episode was put up. "New World Order" only forty-nine minutes long leaves you with a feeling of wanting more. Although it would have been nice to be able to at the very least jump right into the next episode, I don't think the lingering feeling is a bad thing because if WandaVision proved anything, it's that these shows will have incredible progression. This first episode definitely gives off that impression as it is filled with the right amount of action, drama, surprises, and MCU cameos.

Right off the bat, two familiar MCU faces are seen. The first is Batroc The Leaper, portrayed once again by Canadian MMA star Georges St-Pierre. He was last seen in Captain America: Winter Soldier. In the opening sequence of the episode, Sam Wilson/The Falcon takes out the villain and his group of terrorists in an action-packed scene. The other isn't that huge of a surprise and will likely show up more as the series continues. James Rhodes, aka War Machine/Iron Patriot( Don Cheadle), is among the crowd at the press conference where Sam relinquishes Captain America's shield to a museum with a bunch of other Steve Rodgers memorabilia. Rhodie asks the question all fans have been asking since the first trailer for Falcon and Winter Soldier surfaced why didn't he pick up the mantle of Captain America.

Besides continuing to work with the government and encountering countless fanboys, one of which who seems will become a valuable ally in Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez), Sam is seen trying to pick back up where he left off before the blimp. These types of moments are what really intrigues me about this series. Getting to see both Sam and Bucky doing semi-normal things in this otherwise bizarre universe. Of course, Sam's normalcy is a bit more relatable since he is not a one-hundred-year-old former Russian operative with a robotic arm. Still, honestly, that's what made this episode as enjoyable as it was. In this episode, Bucky's direction for the series doesn't come out quite as straightforward as Sam's, but that is one of the things that has been so alluring about the character in the MCU, the mystery surrounding him. Currently, he is trying to make amends for all the wrongs he did with his mandated therapist's help. An overarching story in this series might come from the relationship of Bucky and Yori, an old Asian man whose son was killed by Bucky.

As Bucky is doing all of this, Sam tries to save his family's failing fish company with his sister Sarah. The two Avengers characters don't make their way to each other just yet in this first episode, but with it ending the way it did, I'm sure they will be united quickly in the next episode. Speaking on things that did not yet happen in this episode, both Sharon Carter and Zemo were nowhere to be found just yet. However, a brief glimpse of Wyatt Russell's John Walker ends the episode as he is announced as the new Captain America, much to Sam's disappointment. Another important moment occurs before seeing America's new symbol as Toress goes undercover in the terrorist group Flag Smashers. He is brutally beaten by a big man who seems to have abilities possibly. The soldier shares his findings with Sam, and it is established that the Flag Smashers will be the big problem to go after in the series.

Overall I rate this first outing 6/10 stars. I think the series shows great promise, and I am looking forward to all of the various stories within the show unfolding.


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