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Still Stone Cold At 56

Happy Birthday to Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Oh, Give Me A Hell Yeah!!!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin turns fifty-six today, and he is still the entertaining and charismatic S.O.B fans of the attitude era came to love. Nowadays, he stays out of the ring and in our ears as the host of his very own podcast. He is still seen as one of the pioneers of modern-day pro wrestling, however, by many fans who grew up in the attitude era of wrestling.

I grew up on the tail end of the ruthless aggression era and, unfortunately, the P-G era. No matter what era of wrestling you grew up in, the attitude era's impact is known. And without Steve Austin and The Rock, there would be no attitude era. Many of today's wrestlers are influenced and were inspired by the rattlesnake as well. Pro wrestling as we know it today most likely would not exist without Stone Cold Steve Austin's contributions, so on behalf of wrestling fans and marks everywhere, I'd like to wish Stone Cold a stunner of a fifty-sixth birthday.

Now crack open a can of, you know what, (What?) and celebrate Stone Cold today by watching some of his greatest matches on the WWE network like Austin Vs. Rock at WrestleMania XIX, Austin VS Hitman at WrestleMania 13, or Austin Vs. Dude Love at Over the Edge: In Your House, just to name a few.


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