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Splyke VS Anita Sarkeesian

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Anita Sarkeesian's recent tweet ignited an uproar and Splyke is not having it!

Anita, I hope you’re sitting down, because I have something very important and perhaps shocking to tell you. Women have boobs.” -@DrewHolden360

Not a Blacksmith but let's break this down!

The other day our favorite blue checkmark, Anita Sarkeesian, decided to come out of her little hole of irrelevancy and posted a comment on her Twitter about The Mandalorian Chapter 11 that caused a spiking backlash from the fans. Sure it was a short comment but read between the lines. We all know where she was going with this making this comment.

Now my question is where was this woman’s “supposed” important opinion when characters like Wonder Woman, Pepper Pop’s Rescue Armor, and Batwoman when they had their suites modified for their bodies? Nowhere but all of sudden when this show is popular, yet again, this woman decides to input her opinion with no knowledge what so ever about the lore, or how armor is supposed to fit the wearer.

I will say this to the ladies who spoke up about this issue, thank you for putting this woman in her place. Thank you to those ladies who serve in the military, cosplay, and know Star Wars to educate this woman on why set armor is made the way it is. Because for damn sure she needed her own gender to reminder her that breasts need to protected and have comfort.

Anita's Response:

"No Girls Allowed"!? Ummm... Ashoka Tano would like a word with you

  1. Star Wars has always been inclusive and male fans, to my knowledge, have never made it a “No Girls Allowed” staple, so please stop parading that nonsense around.

  2. Don’t get bent out of shape because you just got that ignorance slapped by your own gender for not doing your research on how other women felt about wearing armor suited to their breasts.

  3. No one is trying to gatekeep anyone in a community that has been more inclusive than others.

In conclusion, nerds and nerdettes, Ms. Sarkeesian did this for attention and clout. I guarantee she did it for this exact purpose because no one cares. The fact that someone like her, an intelligent individual in her own right would have the audacity to attack this show for the second time and not expect a backlash? C’mon now, she knew what she was doing.


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