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Skull Girls: 2nd Encore the game you need to know about!

Pick of the litter

Imagine, if you will, a title artistically influenced by anime and Batman: The Animated Series. Now, this could be either the greatest or most idiotic thing you have ever seen. But in 2013, Autumn Games and Marvelous released the critically-acclaimed Skullgirls. A truly unique fighter, Skullgirls gives players that old-school arcade feel with modern sensibilities. This title was also revolutionary in a sense, being one of the first big hits during the start of the indie game boom. From allowing the fans to select which characters are added to the roster to handing out said DLC for free to loyal fans, there is no denying that Skullgirls has made its mark in the industry. That last statement still rings true today; after releasing their last DLC almost five years ago, the Skullgirls team has announced a Fighters' Pack including a new character scheduled for early release in March with a full release by May.

The first of the four new characters is the fan-favorite Annie of the Stars. Fans and those who have played Skullgirls would recognize the name from the story mode of several characters as an immortal hero who plays herself in a TV show about her past life. And this was not the first time Annie was up as potential DLC, losing to Eliza and Beowulf several years ago but becoming a playable character in the Skullgirls free-to-play mobile app. But that's not all those who purchase the Fighters Pass can expect in March; Annie will be coming with her own music, stage, and story mode. This is something the Skullgirls team has done with past DLC and plans on continuing the tradition. There are even rumors of a brand new character, previously unseen, who could be the 5th DLC character.

With Annie's arrival just around the corner, it seems that many Skullgirls fans, new and old, may once again be back for a new helping of beat downs and good times. Autumn Games have actually already selected the other DLC following Annie. Still, they wish to include those with the Fighters' Pass to have a say in who gets released in which order. And in the final bit of news, the Skullgirls team has announced that Skullgirls: 2nd Encore, their last DLC, will now be the base title for purchase. This means that all those new to the title will get all previous DLC for free, and in honor of this, you can purchase it on Steam for $10 until March, 10th 2021.


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