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Selena: The Series: A Show worth Watching!

Netflix's nine-episode series captures Selena in a whole new way that brings fans old and new to the magnitude that was Selena!

This month people anxiously waited for the tv series Selena on Netflix. After the movie was released back in 1997 people knew a little more about her legacy. Two decades later her legacy continues.

Since the series inception there has been a lot of people really excited to watch it. Like most fans, I Have to say, it is different from the movie. However, the series does explain more about her life. It explains how she grew up and her family was struggling in the beginning and how they almost lost their house and they were going to have to live on their tour bus “Big Bertha.” In the early years of her childhood, the series tells the story of how they had to work their way up and keep on working really hard to be able to get to the top.

We hear more of her songs in the early years. Her voice changed throughout the years. The series shows how Rick, Pete, and Joe came to be a part of the group. Most of her songs were written by her brother Abie, Ricky, and Pete. The more she got recognized through her music, well-known producers wanted to sign her for a record deal. Picking a record deal wasn’t an easy choice that her father Abraham as her manager needed to make a tough choice for his daughter to grow as an artist.

Another thing that the series has is that Selena loved her fans and loved to sing. The actress that plays Selena on the series stated she didn’t want to sing her songs but wanted to lip-sync because Selena had a very unique voice. There will be a second part in the making however there have been rumors that the TV series could be canceled. But according to the The Los Angeles Times on Nov. 29 Christian Serratos had already wrapped filming the show’s second season (under COVID-19 guidelines). Therefore, if the streaming giant sticks to the timeline it did for part one, part two will be made available around the same time in late 2021.

Season one of Selena: The Series is currently streaming on Netflix.


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