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"Royal Rumble 2021" | Weekly Finisher 13

NEW Episode of the Weekly Finisher where Beef Supreme and Ace Styles react to the Royal Rumble 2021

Beef Supreme & Ace Styles EDGE wins Royal Rumble 2021! What is up everybody!!! Ace Styles and Beefy Supremey dive right into the 2021 Rumble right with a quick Insta-live reaction and commentary!
Edge returns for an epic win at the Royal Rumble!! Bianca Belair proves all the haters wrong and wins it all at the Royal Rumble!! Roman Reigns goes through hell to keep his seat as head of the table!! And McIntyre earns his win against the Hall of Famer Goldberg!!
And el conejo malo - Bad Bunny himself performed his hit single Booker T!! With Booker T!!! The hottest act in music also got himself involved in the Royal Rumble match too!!! Wild!!! What a fun show! What a great ending!
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