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Ricky Starks: "The day that I wrestled Cody I got a phone call from WWE..."

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet Ricky Starks recalls how WWE contacted him immediately after his AEW debut!

Ricky Starks has been making head waves in the wrestling culture after his initial debut on #AEWDynamite and since then the culture are looking at him as the future of AEW! Even our own @realjavelinj has compared him to the rock and complimented Ricky Starks on his promo skills!

Now, in a must-see interview with Chris Van Vliet starks shares how WWE contacted him the same day he wrestled Cody:

“The funny thing is, the day that I wrestled Cody I got a phone call from WWE saying ‘Hey, we’ve been watching you and we wanted to bring you in’. I said ‘Oh really? oh ok. Interesting. Of all days’. And so I entertained that conversation because I was curious but I think I knew already which decision I was going to make. And I had a very dear, great friend tell me once: you should look at the people who want to invest in you and not know anything about you as opposed to the people who only wanted you when they saw someone else having interest. So that put things in perspective and I don’t hold any ill will towards WWE but I really think they dropped the ball majorly on that. I’ll never know why and I guess I don’t care now.”

Watch the Full Interview Here:


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