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Review on Netflix's Fate: The Winx Saga

Our very own LJE breaks down the brand NEW series on NEW series Fate: The Winx Series!

The new Netflix show inspired by Nickelodeon's animated series was a complete surprise to me as I was not aware of its forthcoming, and it is also an incredible show. I can't say that the live adaptation of a cute girly cartoon would spark my interest. However, I am so glad I happened upon the series about fairies.

Having never seen the Nickelodeon show, I had no knowledge of any of the characters or premise, but I think Netflix did it well enough to where it doesn't matter. Even though the primary group of girls seem to be the same in both shows, the live adaptation is quite a bit different as it is darker and edgier than the brightly colored cartoon. Fate comes at a good time for Netflix as it fills the spot Chilling Adventures of Sabrina left as it was canceled. The two shows are very similar in nature as they deal with dark supernatural themes. Essentially these fairies are witches learning potions, and what have you only they have special abilities. There are fire fairies, water fairies, plant fairies, mind fairies, and light fare. The series follows Bloom, a newly discovered fairy from Earth, as she learns about fairies and their world while also training to control her unpredictable powers. Her mysterious origins also unfold throughout this first season.

The only disappointing thing about this magical Netflix show is this first season only has six episodes. Even though that seems shorter than other shows, it does end on a pretty sweet cliffhanger setting up the second season to be drastically different. This first season is about Bloom learning to trust her friends and her school faculty, but just when she seems to gain full trust, the school's entire dynamic is changed. I won't give much away about the main plot as the mystery of it all is the selling point to continue watching each episode. It is set up in a way that keeps you on your toes as every episode makes you believe you've pieced the mystery together only to question everything you think moments later. If you enjoy shows like Riverdale, Nancy Drew, and Sabrina, you will like Fate: The Winx Saga.

For these first six episodes, I will give the Netflix original 7/10 stars due to a great build but a short season. I look forward to when new episodes come out of this stellar supernatural teen drama.


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