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Project Triangle Strategy First Impression

Hands-on with Project Triangle leaves more to be wanting

Looks like another beautiful HD-2D game from Square Enix but this time it’s not an RPG turn-based game that I am so heavily fond of, but a tactical RPG game such as Fire Emblem, Disgaea, and Wargroove. Still, it piqued my interest to try it out even though it is not the type of game I usually play.

First and foremost I love that Square Enix is using this HD-2D concept of art style again. IT still feels retro but also new. Even though the characters are pixelated I enjoyed the environment the most right down to how crystal the water looks, the cinder of the flames, and the detail of the housing/buildings.

PTS has a Game of Thrones vibe to it as you go through each story of different characters from the three kingdoms while still following the main story from your main core characters that are struggling to survive the new turmoil. The side stories are what kept me intrigued as I wondered what were each house going to do with the decisions I made not knowing how it would affect me in the long run, especially for House Tellriore, which I get the feeling will have a decisive moment that will drastically alter the story. Not only did you have to be engaged in the main story but the side stories do help keep in interested and gather companions along the way.

Alright so the battles felt long, then again this is my first tactical RPG so I can’t complain. Long though they may have been this strategy game requires a lot more thought in positioning, how to attack, defend your ally, and making sure that the move you make is the right one for that moment. I had to think differently for my second battle with the Voting decision I made that lead me to that event. Utilizing my units correctly and making sure my support and tanky characters were in the right place at the right time in order for me to have a good offense or defense required me to think a bit more outside the box than I normally did. Like 3D chess in a way but with more options.

Overall even though it was a demo and I spend four hours absorbing the small world that has been provided I’m mostly interested in seeing where the story goes more so than the tactical combat. Personally, I would prefer for it to be a turn-based RPG like they did for Octopath Traveler but as I sat and thought about it more this fits the type of story that is going on and this type of genre is needed for this generation. A new tactical RPG is a good brain exercise and I look forward to updates on it.


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