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Pokemon Presents: Recap

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Today marks the day when the internet blew up with this Pokemon Presents as we celebrated 25 years of adventure, catching, trading, battling and snapping throughout the decades. You would think that during this event it wouldn't much information other than the rewards and updates that are coming to their other Pokemon games on the Switch and Apps but this time they threw us a new Pokeball.

Beloved Fans of the Pokemon will be exploring the new Lental region taking photos of pokemon while they explore the various pokemon environments building your Photodex. Trainers will be working with Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita, who is investigating a mysterious "Illumina" phenomenon causing some Pokemon and vegetation to glow. According to Nintendo, you'll be able to discover "new, never-before-seen Pokemon expressions and behaviors."

Poke Snap release date and the price has been announced and pre-orders are available right now at the shop on April 30, 2021, for $59.99

The first Pokemon game to land on the Nintendo DS, Diamond and Pearl have a receive full make-over for the Nintendo Switch as their new title names, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shinning Pearl. Developed by ILCA, Inc. who also worked on Pokemon Home and the directors for the remakes will be ILCA, Inc. Yuichi Ueda, and GAME FREAK inc. Junichi Masuda (original director for both Diamond & Pearl). The game will be available to players worldwide in late 2021.

Nintendo might as well have broken the internet by dropping the biggest bomb in the Pokemon series and that game is Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This new title represents a new approach in the Pokemon gaming series both in exploration, battle, and catching pokemon. We are brought back to the Sinnoh region but from the Sinnoh of old as Mt. Coronet stands firm over the center of the region. Pokemon roam freely in the wild but the environment will be different from the current Sinnoh region we know. This time around will be using three familiar starter Pokemon, Cyndaquil, Rowlet, and Oshawott as we venture out to create Sinnoh's first Pokedex.

This #PokemonPresents was the most groundbreaking moment for the series that was much needed and highly in demand. As fans of the series have been claiming for a more interactive and new battle system for the game since there have been independent out programmers there who started developing their own Pokemon Open World-esk game. I wouldn't be surprised if Pokemon Company and others saw them and our reaction to it and decided to capitalize on it. We shall wait and see how this game turns out with further updates on it development unfolds to us. It's a great time to be a Pokemon fan.


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