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Nintendo Direct Highlights

Nintendo is Unstoppable after this long-awaited Nintendo Direct!

Nintendo does it again with another spectacular Direct giving us new games to look forward to playing this year, new projects to come, and returning titles.

A two for one new Challenger makes its debut!! We kick off the Direct with a new character joining the glorious battlefield of Super Smash Bros Ultimate from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Pyra & Mythra! Sorry, Rex better luck getting the next invitation.


Next up we have the ultimate Pandamonium of Knock Games coming to the Switch, Fall Guys! This was bound to happen eventually due to its rapid popularity over the summer and its vast variety of party games that everyone enjoys. So gather your buddies and handles for knock-out fun on the go.


I hope you are as excited about next month as I am Hunters because next month we will all rise to the net challenge of Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise coming to the Switch. Today we got a glimpse of four new monsters plus some extra events that will be taking place within our new Japanese-inspired region.

Note: Most of the monsters from Rise are inspired by Japanese yokai/monsters from lore.


Mario Golf: Super Rush is making its swing once again but this time it's on the switch with several new modes that bring an extra dash to bring more flair and fun to the competitions.

I wasn't much of a fan of most of the Mario Sports games but this new mode that has been added, Speed Golf has piqued my interest along with the ability to use the joy-con and Mii character has caught the interest of my wallet.


Even though we desperately wanted to know the status of the sequel to Breathe of the Wild sadly my fellow gamers we will have to wait till the summer for further updates. But rest assure Eiji Aonuma has apologized and stated that "Development is going smoothly and should have more information for us later this year."

Until then let us celebrate the return of one of Skyward Sword but in sweet loving HD for the Nintendo Switch along with the stylish joy-cons that will be able to perform the same motion as you would have on the Wii. Both the game and the Joy-Cons will be available on July 16, 2021.


Square Enix is developing another HD-2D RPG game that is more for you Fire Emblem and Disgaea gamers out there. If you loved Octopath Traveler then you will enjoy this newly anticipated coming later next year. A Demo is available right now for your enjoyment.


Last but not least we have the highly addicted, adrenaline-driven, paint-loving gooey Splatoon 3 making its third installment with new swaggy gear, new maps, and dare I say dangerous fun new toys to splat my competitors with. I for one can't wait to try the new bow-like gun.


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