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Lana: "Everyone is so Mean..."

Wrestling Culture has become so Toxic to the point where we are driving the Wrestlers to Depressive dark places.

In a recent video that has been making its waves across social media has WWE Superstar Lana laments in a Doc-Series on WWE Network Chronicle about the troubles she is facing on life on the road without her husband (AEW Superstar Miro). She goes on to say how social media has become a way to connect with fans in the COVID-19 era of life but that now it has become a wasteland of toxic-hate-filled cyberspace for her.

"But then when I'm are not interacting with any people whatsoever and I go home and post something on social media and everyone is so mean...Its like I couldnt handle it anymore..

As a culture what are we doing?

We love wrestling. Wrestling is a culture that is weird, crazy, filled with soap opera moments that thrives on passion and fans interacting with it. Its own living and breathing thing. Much like shows like Breaking Bad, Mr.Robot, and but why is that we have to take everything too far? We have seen so many people hate on characters like Walter, King Geoffrey, and others but never to the point where fans are calling for the actor to be fired and even worse request for their death!? So why do we do this as fans to these wrestlers?

We get it you don't like Lana, You don't like her style. You think the character sucks. You hate that she is getting a spot that maybe you think someone else should have and guess what you have that right to criticize her CHARACTER. Not CJ Perry. Not the person behind the character.

"Everyone in the comments is like 'you should be fire' - 'why arent you fire' - 'you suck!' - 'Go Jump off a cliff'..

Opinionated Criticisms VS Bullying/Hate Speech

You can criticize the character, but there is never ever a reason to harass and spew hate speech to the person behind the character. You have no right to send death threats and you know what it's time to take it a step further. It's time to start calling out these people and letting them know and educating them in the sense of what they are doing is not okay.

I get it, People cannot separate a character from the human being. But here is a cold hard fact Do ANY of us really know Lana? Personally? NOPE. Stop acting like you know these people just because you see them on TV or know of them. The reality is your criticisms about her wrestling or character is fine but the issue is when the hate speech begins and your opinions become toxic death threats.

Culture Check

This past year many wrestlers have opened up about mental health and their well beings. We had too many wrestlers battling depression and going through so much that we as fans do not even know about.

And to that idiot who is sitting there reading this thinking: "Oh okay 'bullied' lol she's just an attention-seeking whore. I wish she was gone from wrestling, I'm sick of seeing her trying to get attention all of the time." To you, I say FUCK YOU! You are the problem and you are cancer to the culture! You make it so hard to be called a wrestling fan because you create this stigma that has poisoned the culture!

We have to do better. We have to be better.

"You don't have to like somebody to respect somebody - Dusty Rhodes"

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