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In the Heights Review

A culture so rich and rooted it can only be encapsulated through music and dance. . .

“In the Heights” is a musical drama film released on June 10, 2021, based on the stage musical of the same name. It follows a group of people who live in Washington Heights whom all peruse different careers for a better life. For the time being it seems like everyone has accepted their current lives, but all it takes is just a little inspiration to start a fire within a small community.

After watching this film, I am going to award this film nine out of ten stars and let me explain why it deserves this rating.

Beginning with the plot I could immediately get the idea this film was going to expose a specific group of people who would be considered to be minorities, which is great. We don’t get to see many of those films today and for this one to focus on those people and how they strive to better their lives made the film more realistic. It felt a little like “Crazy Rich Asians” in a way, but it was not the sole copycat of the film. It was its film that made sure the message it was trying to send to its audience was represented to the fullest.

The characters were also fantastic as each one brought light to the film. Every struggle the characters went through brought the film closer to the audience as many of us have faced struggles these characters did at least once in our lives. They even revealed that not all minorities are represented as these lowlife scumbags that many news sources and social media represent today. No, these characters were real and they put their heart and soul into exposing what life can be like no matter who you are or where you come from. Not to mention they did it with the help of music.

Speaking of music, there was never a dull moment whenever a song was sung. No, each was well crafted and each character gave meaning to each song. I must also say, I’m not a musical type of person, but the music was so good that I was trying to not sing along because I knew I had to focus on the film so I could properly review this film.

Now that the film is out, I recommend you go see this film even if you are not a musical person because I guarantee you will enjoy it as I did.


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