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"Factions, Wrestlemania & Shida" | Weekly Finisher 11

NEW Episode of the Weekly Finisher!

Beef Supreme & Ace Styles make a bold declaration as Shida has been killing it as AEW Women's champion, so its time fo Shida to be a member of The Super Elite or maybe even the Bullet Cub!? Plus they share their take on the best AEW factions and how the women's division within these teams could shake things up! Also - Team Taz tearing it up and winning our hearts - but is it enough to be Sting?? And does Roman Reigns need to become even MORE of a heel? Join and let us know your thoughts! #WeeklyFinisher #WrestlingNews #WrestlingUpdates
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1 Comment

Drew N
Drew N
Sep 23, 2022

Great rread thanks

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