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Disney Films We Want to See Become Live-Action

Top 5 Live-Action Disney Films we need to see!

The company of Disney has always brought audiences around the globe astounding animated films that have never failed to capture the imagination of moviegoers. In recent years Disney has decided to take a turn and begin to remake their beloved animated films, only this time as live-action features.

Remakes usually are never great but after successes with Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin it seems as if Disney may be on to something.

Yes, last year’s release of Mulan turned into a flop as many anticipated it to be just as great as the others, but that doesn’t mean fans don’t want them to stop creating more live-action versions of some of the greatest animated films ever created. Here I will share with you a few films fans would love to see Disney turn from being just a drawing on paper to in the flesh characters.

The Sword in the Stone

Now, who doesn’t love some fantasy with a bit of humor in it? The Sword in the Stone is just what everyone needs as it’s full of action, suspense, and humor. With its bases of covering the King Arthur legend, the film would easily capture audiences. Not to mention Merlin’s humorous character along with his many abilities to use magic. Fans would love to see his character come to life in a comedic way.

The Black Cauldron

Moving on to a much darker film, which at the time of its release caused some controversy for its dark and graphic nature. True, it might have been those for its time, but this is a new era and fans admire fantasy films with a dark plotline. In this era, fans could expect to see not only just phenomenal special effects but plenty of battle scenes where the animated film didn’t give us much. Without epic battle scenes then what is the point of creating a fantasy film in the first place.

It would even be nice to see it follow the books closer where the animated version decided to go off on another path.


The legend of Hercules has been told many times before, but just about every time it makes its way onto the big screen it turns into a disaster. Disney could finally give us the film we’ve all been waiting for. Just imagine Hercules finally getting a real competition with the Hydra, Titans, and Hades. Also, wouldn’t it be cool to see Hades with his fiery blue hair and even have a real boss battle with Hercules so we all can finally see the son of Zeus and the God of the Underworld finally duke it out?


The king of the jungle has had a few adaptations in the past, but none have reached the full potential audiences strive for. It’s time they do and not only would they love to see it with special effects, but give us real animals as well. This film would be perfect to finally start using real animals again since they would be interacting with humans and audiences admire to see both animals and humans interact and work together. Not to mention those animal and human battle would be intense to witness.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Of course, we cannot forget about the one that started it all and therefore it deserves its place among the rest of the films. Now there have been plenty of live-action adaptations to this story, but isn’t it time Disney gives us theirs. This time around they might even add more plotlines from the original story so the film doesn’t appear to be an entire retelling. It would be another one of their versions, but not banish the entire story altogether.

Every animated film they decide to make next we all only ask that they give us something to remember and not another bomb.


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