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Disenchantment Part 3 Review

Disenchantment in the franchise

From the Simpsons and Futurama creators, the Netflix original fantasy-driven animated series Disenchantment recently put out its 3rd part. Though the previous episodes didn't come close to anywhere as impressive as The Simpsons or Futurama, they were charming. However, these latest episodes weren't even that good.

Yes, this third part of the series Disenchantment has solidified its position as the weird cousin of The Simpsons and Futurama that overstayed its welcome. The show does have a fourth season, or part, coming, but I don't have high hopes for any new episodes after these latest ones. The ongoing storylines in the fantasy adventure all fell flat, and the characters lost any ounce of sincerity. Princess Bean, Elfo, and Luci the demon were the characters that held the heart of the show in the first two seasons, but even they became remnants of what they had been in the new episodes. Both Bean and Elfo became unnecessarily love crazy, causing the series to deviate from the previous heartfelt story.

New romantic interests for the characters would have been acceptable, but these relationships were rushed and unauthentic. The fact that Elfo cycles through three potential romances, one being with a boat, is proof enough for my point. Princess Tiabeanie, for no reason what so ever finds romance with a mermaid going against the character's previously established independence and firm stance on not needing a romantic partner. The direction of the narrative also went in a hundred different ways making it confusing and hard to follow each episode.

These harsh words are hard for me to write as I did like the Disenchantment show and all of Matt Groening's work, for that matter, but I was disappointed in these latest episodes. I am by no means saying the show can't come back from this lacking season. I sincerely hope that it does, but with all the great shows out there currently, I can not suggest watching Disenchantment to anyone as a priority after it did not deliver with the recent season. Anyone who hasn't checked out the Netflix show, I recommend the first two seasons as they are on par with the rest of Groening's shows. And by all means, check out the newest season as you might feel differently about it than I did, but for all the reasons I pointed out, I have to give part three of Disenchantment a 2/10 star rating.


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