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Destroy All Humans 2 Remake is a Must

It's time to make the humans pay once again and bring back this cult classic!

THQ Nordic decided to release a remake of the 2005 game “Destroy All Humans” in July of 2020 which was the first time the Destroy All Humans franchise released a game since 2008, which was the fourth and final installment to the franchise “Path of the Furon”.

When “Destroy All Humans” was first released it managed to gain generally positive reviews and managed to sell over a million copies by March of 2006.

With its success, it only made sense to make a sequel which would be released in October of 2006 after the first installment left a cliffhanger ending for players to wonder what happened after the events. The sequel would gain more favorable reviews and even be labeled to be better than its predecessor. Much better to the point it grossed thirteen million in revenue in North America alone.

The series would then take a downfall with the release of “Big Willy Unleashed” and “Path of the Furon”, which did not seem like they were part of the series at all but their games, which were poorly developed.

After the failure of the last two installments, the series went on a twelve-year hiatus until the remake was finally released.

The remake was good and the graphics for sure were a major improvement.

Now that one is done players are anxiously awaiting the remake of the sequel. Though it has not been confirmed yet, there has been a rumor it is in the works.

If it is or not, it is a must-be-made game because fans of the series want to see the story continue since the remake followed the original scene for scene so therefore it left the cliffhanger ending like before.

In the sequel, we get to learn more about the character Crypto and about the KGB he faced in the previous game. But we also learn of a new threat that has been hiding right under Crypto’s nose the whole time; the Furon enemy the Blisk. Yes, the sequel introduces another alien lifeform, which gives us a little Alien vs. Predator setup.

With the storyline, fans will know what to expect, but they might even see some new scenes so the game won’t be as predictable as the first remake.

We could even see much more improved graphics along with new weapons and abilities Crypto has never possessed before in any of the games.

After all, the sequel will have a new Crypto and so it only makes sense for him to have more and improved abilities from the Crypto he was cloned from. Let’s also hope that if they do remake the sequel that they rather end the series after that or follow a different story from the third and fourth installment, but that is a discussion for another time.


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