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Crime Drama Meets Sci-Fi in Don't Let Go

Don't Let Go pushes boundaries and creates a gripping tale that leaves you truly satisfied!

Spoilers for HBO's Don't Let Go ahead

HBO Max subscribers are waiting in anticipation for each same-day released movies coming to the platform, but they shouldn't sleep on the plethora of new previously released films that have recently entered the streaming services library. One such movie is Don't Let Go, which came out August 2019 but only hit Max last month on January twenty third.

The Blumhouse film stars the uber-talented David Oyelowo and on the rise young actor Storm Reid. The supporting cast is also well rounded out with talents such as Mykelti Williamson, Alfred Molina, and Brian Tyree Henry. Coming from the brilliant mind of Jacob Estes, the story follows Detective Jack Radcliff (Oyelowo) after the passing of some of his family.

The death of Radcliff's brother's family and specifically his niece Ashley (Reid)is the center of the film as we are taken on a bizarre journey with Detective Radcliff as he tries to solve the murder of his family. The story's bizarre factor comes when Ashley begins to call her uncle after she should be presumed dead. This is where the sci-fi element enters this crime drama as it's discovered that Ashley's calling Jack from the past before she is murdered along with her parents. It is never fully revealed how exactly this occurs other than the implied possibility that prayers caused the anomaly. However, the uncertainty weirdly helps the movie be the unique masterpiece it is. The two work together in their respective times to further the solving in the murder case.

The most interesting thing about this film is that it involves time travel, but the incredible thing about it all is that without the sci-fi, it would've still been a great crime film as the twist is so great. The fact that time travel is blended in to make the story even better is what makes this film so fascinating. The jits of the twist are that Jack's partner Bobby (Williamson) is a dirty cop, a part of the corrupt side of law enforcement in the city who dragged Ashley's Dad (Henry) into drug dealing. In the big conclusion, Bobby is revealed as the murder culprit, but Ashley is able to survive and make it to her uncle to alter reality in an excellent ending to the marvelous hybrid film.

David Oyelowo has rarely been in anything that wasn't great, and he continually is out to prove that anything less than great is not in his repertoire. Storm Reid is also a young star out to prove her worth as she has already put together a spectacular portfolio of work with such projects as A Wrinkle in Time and Euphoria. Don't Let Go is yet another film they can add to their great lines of work as I rate this film 8/10 stars.


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