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Coming 2 America Review

A tremendous movie with tons of laughs, a meaningful message with an amazing cast.

It's been a little over thirty years since the classic Eddie Murphy led movie Coming to America came out. The 80s film is still held in very high regard, so the sequel would find it difficult to live up. However, now that Coming 2 America has found its way on Amazon, I can say I personally think the new film did an excellent job of both matching the original and standing on its own.

I found myself laughing out loud all throughout the movie. The cast, both old and new alike, brought their A-game in their performances in this forever coming to age story. The general idea of the original Murphy film is reinstated here as it is still relevant today. Stand up for what you believe in and be yourself. We see the message delivered through three different perspectives King Akeem, Prince Lavelle, and Princess Meeka.

Akeem has lost touch with his younger outlook on life as he now is a man with children of his own, three daughters (Meeka, Omma, Tinashe), and after his father passes, he finds himself with the pressures of a King. James Earl Jones's character's death brings perhaps the greatest moment in the movie. We not only do we Morgan Freeman hosting the funeral, but we also get performances from En Vouge with Salt N Pepa and the legendary Gladys Knight. Wesley Snipes General Izzi is the antagonist of the story and pressures Akeem into his laps of judgment. Izzi constantly threatens Akeem with war, but the surprising news that the king has an illegitimate son in Queens presents a political opportunity to unite the families instead of going to war.

Akeem's son Lavelle along with his Mom (Leslie Jones) and Uncle (Tracy Morgan), are brought to Zamunda in a flap of narrative from the first film. It takes going to a foreign land for Lavelle to become comfortable with who he is, even finding love with the royal barber. This causes Akeem's problems, which reveals the truth behind the way he needed Lavelle in the first place. It takes Akeem going back to Queens again, this time chasing Lavelle, who ran off to marry the barber, to understand how he lost himself in his age as he sees a lot of himself in his son.

Akeem's eldest daughter Meeka has trained her whole life to become her fathers' heir. The predicament of a new older brother brings a lot of frustration for her, and her father's willingness to overpass her doesn't help. Ultimately she finds common ground with Lavelle and helps him on his journey of self-discovery. Meeka, along with her two sisters, also serves as the more effective defense against Izzi. In the end, Akeem realizes his faults and gives Meeka her rightful place as heir.

Coming 2 America is a tremendous movie with tons of laughs, a meaningful message, and an amazing cast.

I rate it 9/10 stars recommending everyone to watch it.


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