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Clifford the Big Red (CGI) Dog!?

Hollywood loves their CGI and this time in the form of Clifford the Big Red Dog

Its no secret that Hollywood is taking the 90's and bringing them into the big screen but with it, they have been really using CGI to its limit. From Sonic the Hedgehog, Lion King, and more but this trend has to stop! it'sThe overuse of CGI is getting ridiculous and it's ruining our childhood favorites!

The overuse of CGI in Hollywood

What happened to the days where animated cartoons made their way into cinema? You know like Space-Jam? Who framed roger rabbit? What happened to those types of movies?

Take for instance the new Tom & Jerry Movie, they stuck to the basics and went the correct route instead of using a tired out "live-action" - CGI way of things. They made brought the cartoon into a live-action movie but they didn't go the route of making Tom and Jerry real-life animals? That would ruin the entire purpose!

Hollywood needs to take a step back and really reaccess what they are doing but don't take my word for it just look what twitter has to say about it!

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