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Can Cruella Make-Up Where Mulan Failed?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

After scathing reviews and bad reception from fans can Cruella learn from Mulan's Mistakes...

“Cruella” is set to be released theatrically on May 28 of this year.

The first trailer was released on the 17th of February and after its release, it managed to gain plenty of attention from audiences.

Enough to where people will want to check this film out and discover the backstory to how Cruella became the notorious fur-loving criminal, we all know.

The film looks good and appears to give Disney the chance it needs to get back to the top in the box office.

The same was said about the Disney flop “Mulan”. “Mulan” just wasn’t able to hold up with its mediocre acting and boring story, which moved at a slow pace.

We now must cross our fingers and hope that history does not repeat itself with “Cruella”. But let us look into how the film might succeed where “Mulan” failed.

Looking at the story we will be given a full backstory on Cruella. It’s nice to see a backstory on a famous Disney antagonist. Similar to the 2014 film “Maleficent” where we learned of the evil witch Maleficent and how she became evil, but it also gives us a new relationship she has with Aurora so that film acted more as a reboot to the entire “Sleeping Beauty” rather than a prequel like “Cruella” will.

“Mulan” didn’t give us anything new as it just felt more like an exact copycat of the 1998 animated version. In other words, they tried too hard to make the animated version into a live-action version.

Since it will follow Cruella’s backstory the trailer appears to have shown us the film will involve somewhat of a dark setting, which has become quite popular with Disney in these modern days.

By giving the film a darker atmosphere will help draw audiences of all ages in because it will not only have the humorous vibe to attract the children, but the sinister vibe to attract the teens and adults.

For “Mulan” it just tried to focus more on teens and adults and not much on the children, which is what Disney has always been for. Disney loves to attract children and even their Marvel films can do that and Marvel films are mostly meant to be for just teens and adults.

For all that or what “Cruella” may bring we can only hope it does not turn into another flop. After all, Disney can’t afford to have any flops in these unprecedented times.


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