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Bowser's Fury Review

So much more than JUST a DLC!

When you think of DLC you think of an expansion pack, extra levels, or gear but that's not the case with Bowser's Fury. The best way to describe it is, it's a game within a game. It's the Miles Morales but for Mario!

In this contained open-world sandbox you start off with the same controls as Super Mario 3D world but with added open-world, it takes Mario to a whole new world! It starts off with a gigantic bowser terrorizing a world and Bowser Jr coming to you asking for help and in a Mario Fashion he accepts!

At first, sorts the game mode can be a little intimidating because it just sort of throws you into the world with no real instructions besides the level instructions! This feeling of unknown and exploring creates this fun-filled adventure that leaves you wanting more and creates a fun way to play!

As you continue your adventure you realize that Bowser's menacing presence becomes more stalkerish as you continue to be the game! He begins to breathe fire and torments you until you find a cat star or fight him one on one!

However, most reviewers did not like the repettiveness of the game and the constant reuse of the same powerups and level gimmicks repetitiveness but you have to understand this felt like a sandbox of what could

and maybe a glimpse of what a Mario game could be. It felt as if the developers were just having fun and creativity and trying to see what they could do with the old mechanics of Super Mario 3D World.

Overall this is a breath of fresh air in terms of playing an old game with new ideas and mechanics! This is one game you should try out and for that, we give this DLC:

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is on Nintendo Switch now.


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