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Big Hero 6 to join the MCU!?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Marvel Studios Reportedly Planning Big Hero Six Characters For an MCU Debut

As Marvel begins ramping up a Phase 4, rumors and speculation are running wild on what the future will hold for the MCU.

Now, a recent report from DisInsider states that Marvel's own Big Hero 6 will be joining the MCU as they report:

We have exclusively learned that certain characters from Big Hero 6 will be making their live-action debut in the MCU.
We’re not sure on who will be coming but we can at least expect Baymax and Hiro.
Some of the projects we heard about were Secret Invasion, Agents of Atlas, and Doctor Strange. However, we couldn’t get confirmation.
There’s also no word on if the actors will reprise their roles in regards to live-action appearances.


With WandaVision, creating more and more speculations of the Multiverse theory and the abundance of rumors of former spiderman joining Spider-Man 3 the possibilities are endless!

What would the future look like in a world where Big Hero 6 joins the fray! However, this is might be something that has been in the works for a long time as there has been a reference to the character "Tadahashi Hamada" in Age of Ultron...


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