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Batwoman Second Season: First Impression and Review

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Even with a New Actress, season 2 of the Batwoman can not be saved because of the same horrid writing!

The Beginning of the End

My initial thought process when going into this season was to attempt to keep an open mind and hoped since they acquired a new actress to take on the role of Batwoman that they might do better writing, maybe even learn from the horrid writing of the last season due to the drop in ratings and ease up on the virtue-signaling just a little bit. I was horribly wrong and wasted 42mins and 17secs of my life that I won't get back.

I’m going to make this article as brief as possible because the rest of the show was basically feelings jumping all over the place about Kate’s disappearance. So we’ll just focus on Ryan Wilder. I will give credit where credit is due in Javicia Leslie showing more emotion compared to Ruby Rose.

So let me start from the beginning of this show. Ryan Wilder is in a van down the river resting when the plane Kate Kane is on crashes 10 ft in front of the van without any scattered debris or explosive repercussions. Where is the physics here? Don’t know neither did the writers! So then she stumbles upon the Batsuit from the destruction of the plane and is in awe that she found it. Ryan put on the bat suit in a possibly public bathroom while cringy cliche music plays in the background as she finishes suiting up and looks in the mirror to say, “Time to be powerful.” Then she goes out and fights crime with the suit she just acquired with no training on how to use it whatsoever or how durable it is until after she gets shot a couple of times. Sure she stumbles a bit after using it for about 30 secs of this scene but afterward, she is able to hold her own with the karate skills she has always had. Also, we get to see Thomas Elliot aka Hush show up wear Bruce Wayne's face in the first 5 mins of the episode.

I’d like to point out that Bruce Wayne trained for years to achieve peak human conditioning and become the world's greatest detective. If you read Batman Year One by Frank Miller you will know what I’m talking about. But for some magical, illogical reason in this show, you can put on the Bat-suit and your Gucci with no training.

Now the reason why Kate Kane died in that plane crash, but the writers won't acknowledge that she is dead for their own particular reason. I can only speculate but have an idea on why they won't write that in. But Kane flew to National City in order to get rid of the piece of Kryptonite that was entrusted to her by Supergirl and that it is the only material that can penetrate the Bat Suit.

Pause: Wtf?! Since when can Kryptonite do that? I know that Batman has different varieties of suites but it’s just a piece of Krypton...a mineral basically.

Moving on for some reason we have Thomas Elliot looking for the Batsuit in order to feel closer to Bruce and complete his obsession. Keep in mind that the suit has been refitted to fit a woman much shorter and has a curvy frame compared to his very masculine frame so I don’t know where the logic in the show was going with that at this point but if they were going to follow the same bullsh*t from the first episode of the first season with the suit then that just lazy writing.

So a bit towards the end where we have a car chase between Thomas Elliot driving the Batmobile, or the rejected cousin twice removed from the Bat-family version of it, against Ryan Wilder’s beat-up mobile home 60s van. You would think that Thomas would have an edge over her but you are wrong. She is able to dodge and evade the missiles and also outrace it. To add more salt to this wound we had a scene with Javicia Leslie downs the bat suit and beats up imitation Bruce Wayne. I see what you did there CW writers and you are wrong for that.

I would like to add that they just threw away what could have possibly been one of the best storylines by now exposing Thomas Elliot masquerading as Bruce Wayne when they could have had that role stretch out a bit more with Elliot playing the role of attempting to help him while achieving his own goals and manipulating everyone around him even Alice who performed the surgery on his face causing an impact-full blow to Gotham, the protagonist, and Alice. That’s just how a GOOD writer would do it!

In conclusion, this was lazy writing with too many plot holes to count. Now I know this show is not for me and I know that it’s meant for teens but unfortunately according to Batwoman page they aren’t even reaching that target audience. I mean I thought Star Trek Discovery was bad but this might be a new contender. Not only that if you go to rotten tomato the audience score, cause that’s the score that matters nowadays, went from 45% to a rock bottom 20%. If writers don’t notice this then they are more narcissistic, egotistically blind than I thought. If this show somehow magically gets announced for the third season and the ratings are lower than its first season than I can say without a doubt that no one in that writing rooms cares about DC characters, and good structure storytelling and are only doubling down to continue in their virtue signaling just for the media likes and praise.


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