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No worries. Booker T is Alive and Well. The “5 TIME, 5 TIME” WCW World Heavyweight Champion was trending right around 2 AM due to BAD BUNNY releasing a new song title after the Hall of Famer.

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The song title “BOOKER T” made waves around Twitter early morning right after the LATIN TRAP STAR released his highly anticipated album “EL ÚLTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO”. The twitter crowd immediately praised the song for not only the title referencing the great Booker T, but also the beat and the flow of the rapper praising the hall of FamerTwitter in his lyrics comparing himself to a great champion. His main hook of the song states: “Soy un Rey, Campeon, Booker T” translating to English as “I am a King, Champion, Booker T” and just to add the cherry on the top you can hear part of his theme song at the end of the song. I’ll let you guess which part is SUCKA!

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio AKA BAD BUNNY is no stranger to wrestling culture as he has multiple songs referencing Rick Flair, Undertaker, and others. The rapper has also attended Wrestlemania and other wrestling shows. Rick Flair made an appearance in one of his music videos called “Chambea” where the NATURE BOY called him “The New Religion” a huge praise from the 2 times hall of Famer.

In the last few years, BAD BUNNY has taken the LATIN MUSIC INDUSTRY by surprise with his TRAP style, versatility, and constantly releasing new music achieving two Latin Grammy Awards. However, what is most surprising is his love for PRO Wrestling and the way he displays it with so much pride.


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