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AEW Revolution Review

Even with an explosive hiccup AEW Revolution Card was the best PPV for AEW to date!

The company's first PPV event of 2021 delivered epic matches, big surprises, and extraordinary all-around moments for Pro Wrestling as a whole. One of these significant moments is that a big crowd was safely gathered to deliver genuine reactions for every big moment during the PPV. One of those moments when the crowd's response added to the moment was when the legendary signing that Paul Wright promised occurred. The crowd approved as the new signee was revealed to be none other than Christian Cage, ready to outwork everyone. Fourtanetly and unsurprisingly, this wasn't the only applaud-worthy moment in the event, so let's get to it and break down each match.

Women's Tag Team Buy-In Match

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D declares how Reba/Rebel can not compete due to injury to which the sidekick comes out on a crutch to showcase. The role model then announces her replacement tag team partner as the Japan bracket stands out, Maki Ito, received with an uproar of approval. After all the catch-up, singing, and entrances commence, the match starts with Baker and the first-ever AEW Women's Champion Riho. However, it is not until the cutest Maki Ito is tagged to face Thunder Rosa that the audience gets into this match. Itoh has an

outstanding showing in this match and pairs well with Riho. The former champ also works well with her tag team partner as she and Rosa perform right double team maneuvers. Regardless Britt picks up the win for her team after Rebel gets involved using her crutch. The big draw for this match is how good Ito looked and how well she was received. I would love to see her on AEW regularly. 8/10 stars for this pre-show buy-in.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match

The official opening match is the highly contested and personal title bout between The Inner Circle's MJF & Chris Jericho (with Wardlow) and The Young Bucks. As expected, the teams are hot, and the contest starts very heatedly. There is lots of mocking and a lot of move stealing, like when the Bucks put their rivals in the lion tamer. The two teams, of course, work well with one another with lots of back and forth and double teaming. However, the Inner Circle representing team shows much more dominance. That is until the younger Jackson brother

Nick gets the hot tag and provides his team a much-needed comeback. Hundreds of false finishes occur until Nick and Matt are finally able to keep the formidable opponents down for the one...two...three, to retain their titles. This championship match in the dominant tag division in all wrestling received 7/10 stars from me.

Casino Tag Team Battle Royal

The first two teams to start the battle royal of fifteen tag teams to gain a shot against The Young Bucks for the titles are five & ten of The Dark Order and Natural Nightmares. After the designated time runs out, Proud & Powerful enter in as the third team as per the casino rules. Five is the first competitor thrown out but with his partner still in their chance for a future title shot alive. The next team to enter is The Sydal brothers, followed by the second of the three Dark Order teams taking part in the battle, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson. The Gun Club brothers are the next team to enter, while the previous brothers already in the match are the first full team eliminated. Pretty Peter & Bononi join in, showcasing great teamwork out the gate. Varsity Blondes enter in next, with Pretty Peter being thrown out soon after their arrival. The Gun Club is eliminated by fellow Nightmare

Family member QT while trying to eliminate the big Bononi. Dustin gets mad to where QT eliminates himself and spits at his now-former partner presumably. Bear Country and Jurassic Express are the ninth and tenth teams out. Meanwhile, Proud & Powerful, Uno & Grayson, and Bononi are eliminated from the battle royal. Butcher & Blade, along with Bunny, come out next, which brings a lot of outside interference into play as Marko Stunt comes out to support his team as well. Both Marko and The Bunny do good ringside work. Private Party then enters in. Jack Evans also gets involved from the outside as he eliminates ten. Lucky number thirteen is SCU. Three big men are tossed out in Bear Country and Luchasaurus. Death Triangle is the fourteenth team, followed by the last hope for The Dark Order Silver & Reynolds. In between, Butcher & Blade and Private Party are eliminated. The Dark Order and SCU, along with Pac, are next to be eliminated, leaving Fenix and Jungle Boy. Fenix picks up the win for his team in this 8/10 star match to end the fun tag team turmoil.

AEW Women's Championship Match

The compilation of the eliminator tournament is finally met as the winner, Ryo, meets the champion Shida. The two showcase their incredible chemistry as the Japan natives work impressively well with one another. The Asian athletes are both equally entertaining to watch as Ryo's persona is fun to watch, and the way Shida fires up is fierce. The champion sets up a chair to do a jumping knee strike only for Ryo to reverse and take

advantage of the failure causing more back and forth action to commence. As both women appear blown up, Shida delivers a rare shady move as she pokes Ryo's eyes, following it up with a finish to win and retain her title. This matchup earns 8/10 stars, but the action is not over as Nyla (with Vicki), Britt, Ito, and Rebel attack both Japanese stars, to which Thunder Rosa has to intervene, setting up a six-man tag for Wednesday.

Tag Team Match

Miro & Kip (with Ford) Vs. Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor starts backstage as The Best Man is on a personal message to the rest of the AEW locker room. With Cassidy disposed of in the back, Miro drags Chuck out to the ring giving him one last chance to give up before the match officially starts. Chuck answers by telling the ref to ring the bell. After Taylor is brutally beaten for a while, Orange finally comes out, giving his team a better chance. Taking Miro out with his Orange Punch, it looks as if Orange & Chuck might actually pull off the win Miro saves the matchup. Penelope Ford then distracts the ref, and later an incident where Miro pushes Chuck into Ford, causing her to fall off the apron. Miro takes the distraction as an opportunity to set up Game Over for the win. This match gets 7/10 stars.

Big Money Match

This match is the first that the big crowd is noticeable. From start to finish, the crowd interaction impacts this match significantly, making it even better than it would have been on its own. Hangman continues right where he ended off before the pandemic with the fans as a huge pop erupts at his arrival. The match starts with an

intense tie-up and hard-hitting physical maneuvers. The Big Money Matt gimmick proves itself as the right angle for Matt as the fans are behind it, giving it the heat it deserves. Classic heel/face interactions take place throughout the bout displaying great moments for each star. A hand injury is played out perfectly on Hangman's dominant hand after its hit with the steps. Of course, Private Party gets involved, but The Dark Order comes out to even the odds leading Hangman to get the ever important win over Matt Hardy in this 9/10 star match that ended with beers and a Dark Order group hug.

The Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

In this six-man ladder match where a literal brass ring that looks funny but cool has to be grabbed to get a shot at The TNT Championship on Wednesday. The big crowd continues to showcase the importance of audiences in big events like this. Cody comes out taped up due to Shaq, and the injury is utilized throughout the entirety of the match. The sixth mystery entrant is received with a good response as he is revealed to be All Ego Ethan Page. The new talent has a great first showing in AEW, coming close to winning several times. In fact, every competitor in the ladder match Cody, Archer, Sky, Penta, and Caster, also had memorable

moments in the match, with any of them showcased as believable and deserving in a TNT title match. The one I really was surprised with was The Acliamed's Caster, as he owned his position in the match. Evans even came out yet again to give him his boombox, to which ten came out to get a measure of vengeance. Caster utilized his boom box well. Cody's shoulder injury is played out so well he is taken to the back by doctors only to come back later fired up. Everyone has excellent spots on the ladder, but it comes down to Cody and Sky at the finish to where the brass ring is retrieved by the latter. Scorpio Sky will meet Darby Allin this Wednesday after this 10/10 star ladder match.

Street Fight

With Taz joining commentary, this cinematic style match between Team Taz's Brian Cage & Ricky Starks Vs.

Darby & Sting begins. Each team has a dramatic intro scene driving to the abandoned warehouse the painted allies were in on a previous episode of Dynamite. Unsurprisingly Darby & Sting's is far more elaborate. The two similar characters showcase their continuity by matching face paint, with one half being Stings' and the other Darbys'. The old-looking ring even displays this face as a logo in its center. Coming along with the face-painted warriors is the hoodlum army. Cage makes short work of the hooded masked scoundrels throwing them everywhere, making them non-factors before turning his attention to Allin. With Darby and Cage focused on each other on the outside, Sting and Ricky square up in the ring. Sting takes it to Ricky while Cage shows just how amazingly strong he is. Eventually, the teams wind up colliding. Sting proves himself the veteran as he continuously outsmarts team Taz. Meanwhile, Darby and Ricky remind the world how great they look together. The other two members of FTW get involved in gaining the numbers game. However, after Darby throws Sting a bat from high up in a window, the duo makes a comeback ending in Darby delivering a high elbow drop the window and Sting pining Starks in the ring for the finish. This unique match earned 9/10 stars.

AEW World Championship Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match

In this unconventional match with Don on commentary, the atmosphere is unreal. Moxley and Omega start slowly doing a fun back and forth exchange where they try to press each other into the wire. Weapons are brought in, adding even more barbed wire into the match, with Mox gaining control until Kenny throws powder in his eyes and throws him into the barbed wire wrapped roped, igniting the explosives for the first time in the match. With that, the champ takes over, busting Mox open before tossing him into one of the boards in the corners. Jon reverses an attempted submission kicking Kenny into the ropes and then following up the explosion's momentum with another kick into the ropes and then through one of the boards. After more back and forth, the two muscle each other into the barbed wire ropes for another explosion, disorienting both. Jon dishes DDT off of apron onto exploding barbed wire platform cutting open Kenny. The thirty-minute warning is delivered, so the wrestlers take a rushed pace. Omega gives a low-blow, then the Good Brothers come out to help the champ giving him an explosive bat to hit Moxley to get the win and contain his belt in this fantastic 10/10 star match. After the three heels continue to beatdown the fan-favorite handcuffing him, so he can't escape the forthcoming big explosion after the thirty-minute deadline. Eddie Kingston comes out to try to help his old friend showcasing a heroic change of character.

Overall this AEW PPV scores 10/10 stars.


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