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15 Amazing Titles you can (Playstation) Now!

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

A curated list of 15 games you can play on Playstation Now!

Streaming has become more prevalent in recent years. From Netflix to Stadia, everyone has been trying to get a piece of the pie. Sony released their own called Playstation now, which can also be used on a PC, but the console interface is much better. I have had my account for well over a year and have not gotten bored with it yet. It contains titles from both the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, with PS4 titles being available for download. Honestly, I could over a year writing one article a day for 700 days if I really wanted to. You can try a month for free and hop on to the latest titles to the roster, such as Marvel Avengers. But if you are still on the fence about this service, here are fifteen titles I think you would enjoy available on the PS Now. But before we begin, there is something I would like to point out. They do cycle titles out every so often, but they have a clear counter for each title letting you know how many days you have left to play. Now, on to our first title.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

Based on the work from the 19th-century author, The ABC Murders puts you in the shoes of the brilliant Hercule Poirot inspired by the book with the same title. The gameplay is your point-and-click adventure genre, which is perfect when they encourage players to check every nook and cranny. You get to explore crime scenes, observe people’s behaviors, and even decipher puzzles. This title will test your deductive reasoning, but you have a feature to assist you when you are stuck, unlike similar titles from the past. I only wished I had started playing before this article with various game modes and characters to keep you engaged.

100 Ft Robot Golf

By far one of the silliest titles I have ever encounter. Imagine, if you will, an 80s sci-fi-themed anime mixed with the movie Billy Madison. It all begins with a Hollywood rat trying to reclaim his former glory with a golf tournament featuring giant mechs. The roster includes a simple country boy, an AI program, a high-class debutant, and five corgis who control five smaller mechs that combine into a bigger one. Now clearly, this isn’t your average golf game, players don’t have to take turns, and you race to see who can get the ball in first. You destroy buildings blocking your path while the commentary team, who were possibly influenced by Mystery Science Theatre, throws in random quotes. It is by no means an award-winning title, but you have to love titles that don't take themselves seriously.


One of my favorite underrated titles of all time is Nightmare Creatures, and I feel like this title is a Dark Souls image to it. You start off on a surgical table going through some sort of procedure, then you're just dropped into the world, off you go. There really isn't much in terms of a tutorial; you learn to attack, only to get killed by a gigantic werewolf. However, this is all part of the game, and you return with weapons ready to face the world. I admit I haven't gotten very far yet, but Bloodborne is clearly not one of those titles you can rush through because the baddies will chop you up without a second thought. And while it may not be a title I would go running to get, I can see why so many people love it.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal

The Bloodrayne series was one I never had a chance to play, so I don’t know how a fan of the series would feel about Bloodrayne: Betrayal. But in my opinion, it’s a fun yet challenging title. It is different from the typical Bloodrayne title, trading in its dark 3d models for a more red and black gothic-styled comic. But it suits this face-paced beat'em up well, and the speech bubbles that appear throughout the game really help sell the design. I have some issues with it, such as the running backflip being the only way to get a higher jump, and for some strange reason, you aren't allowed to duck. But don't let my little peeves stop you from giving this title a go because it is worth it.

Deception 4: Blood Ties

A title initially exclusive to the PS Vita, Deception 4: Blood Ties, is the latest to join the roster. I have played one of the Deception titles before. Still, I honestly couldn't tell you which one, but the tutorial is a vast improvement from its predecessor. Truth be told, I felt like they were holding my hand a little. Even after doing the tutorial, I still had assistance while playing the main story. Speaking of gameplay, the best way to describe this title would be Home Alone at Dracula’s Castle. As a demon seeking retribution, you lure wayward mercenaries and the overall dregs of humanity and lead them into your trap. You have boulders, arrows, spikes, spring load floors, and Sideshow Bob’s most feared adversary, a rake. Many would consider this a niche title, and they would be correct. Still, the Deception series has been part of Sony’s library since the days of the PS1.

Grand Kingdom

One of my favorite things about Pokemon was always the fact you could play against other people online. For the longest time, that was the only RPG allowing you to do so if you exclude MMOs. Then I found the Grand Kingdom, one of the first titles I downloaded when I purchased Playstation Now. In this title, you are the head of a mercenary team. You hire soldiers to form your party, creating at least 8 separate groups. And the best part was you could join one of four kingdoms and battle other players for territory, granted the servers have been shut down. Still, it is a fun RPG blending both tactic and action combat systems to make a uniquely fun experience.


A remake of the PS1 classic, Medievil was one of the first titles to fully utilize the dual analog sticks. It was a colorful 3-d hack and slash adventure with stylish graphics and charming characters. My only real issue with Medievil is the lack of physics surrounds your character. I mean that in the sense that you can run right into characters, and with the speed that you move, sliding into them will probably happen all too often.

No Time to Explain

I had heard about this title for years and was still not prepared when I first started playing. The way how it transitions from title screen to gameplay is incredible. While the logic of firing the cannon took a moment, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this title was more of a puzzle-styled game rather than an action one. I have gotten at least 10 levels in and still have no idea why my future self has been kidnapped. I need to save him, but I suppose self-preservation is as good as any motivator when it comes to a game.

Sparkle 2

I’ll admit it, Sparkle 2 is totally one of those titles your aunt would play. It is similar to the likes of Zuma, but I have always been a sucker for games like these. I believe there was a story going on while I was playing it, but all the levels were the same in matching the colors until you reach the end. The challenge came with the powers and bonuses you could collect, like slowing down the flow to actually reversing it. Sparkle 2 may not be everyone's cup of tea, but those who do enjoy it will raise a glass in praise.

This is The Police

If being a police chief is even a quarter as stressful as it in this title, I feel sorry for anyone in that position. This is another niche title. The Police is a simulation game where you take control as the acting police chief for your last 90 days before retiring. You will have to deal with mob bosses, protesters, politics, and lazy police officers, all while dispatching your shift to handle all sorts of crimes. And you never know how these crimes end up, I once sent two cops after a teenager who stole some shoes, and only one came back alive. Simulation games have always gotten flack because they aren't as exciting or attention-grabbing, but if you have a night to sit down and enjoy a title, add this to your library.

Tokyo Jungle

A PS3 title, Tokyo jungle, takes you into a world where humans no longer exist, and nature is running wild. You can choose to be predator or prey with many choices, such as dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, chickens, bears, and even prehistoric creatures. You spend your time foraging for food while avoiding potential dangers and marking your territory. You find a mate and breed to create a new life and continue this cycle until you have passed. It sounds like a simple enough title, but the possibilities are endless in terms of what to play and what you can encounter.


Another gritty Victorian-themed title, Vampyr, has you take on the role of a doctor who was recently turned. You stumble your way until you set up shop in the hospital, and that is when the game truly starts. This title does a masterful job of pulling the player into its choice-heavy world. Where both your actions and inactions can affect the areas around you and cause a noticeable difference. And on top of all that, you are trying to keep your condition secret, and trust me, they can find out. Vampyr is the perfect title when you have the time to dive deep into a story.

Wild Guns Reloaded

I chose the dog first in this title. That was a mistake. This is your typical rail shooter, kind of like that title I reviewed a while back called Bot Vice. In fact, this is a remake of a classic Super Nintendo title. But this one takes place in the futuristic west, and it is up to 4 player co-op. Nothing fancy here, no advanced game mechanics. Just you, some friends, the hot sun, and lots of baddies to shoot down.

WWE2K Battlegrounds

I really did not know what to think when I first played this title. Battlegrounds take the technical aspect from previous WWE2K titles and give it a much more arcade-style to the point of almost being fantastical. You have to actually collect in-game currency to unlock most of the roster, so be prepared to log in those hours. All in all, it's not a bad title. My only issue is that you can't use your created superstar in the story mode, something I always loved in the older 2K series.

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is based on the Vertigo comic series Fables, which follows fairy tale characters in modern-day society. You play as Sherriff Bigsby, and you're tasked with maintaining peace with everyone. But these are some mean streets, and the fact that magic is natural doesn't make your job any better. This title is another deep dive kind of title, with a high replay value for your completionists. Your actions affect the story, which travels over into the next episode and so on, giving you months of gaming content.

And there is the last of our list, and keep in mind this isn’t a tenth of what you can find on Playstation's premier streaming service boasting 700 titles to choose from. And I didn’t even mention the classics such as The God of War series, The Borderlands series, Dynasty Warriors, Blazblue, The Lego series, and Tekken 7, just to name a few. For only $10 a month, it is not a bad deal at all. If you have a strong enough connection, it is a great library to own.


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